It might look pretty BROWN in the garden these days; but the snow has
finally melted and the Woolivers are PSYCHED to get their seeds planted

Wellington Helps Wiley mark out the plots for planting




Wesley helps with the other end of the string




They're sowing seeds for SALAD!




Wiley is fond of kale


But Wesley like ARUGULA best! He calls it, ROCKET,
because it makes him feel TERRIFIC when he eats it





Meanwhile, Willoughby, Watson and Wayne repair the support for the SNAP PEAS they've sown! You wouldn't know it now, but those pea plants will grow like gangbusters, and twine themselves all over that netting! 





And look here! The forsythia bush is starting to bud! I bet in a week it will be covered with beautiful bright yellow flowers


Wayne is excited to see the CATNIP come back after a winter resting underground. 
Alex the cat will be so pleased!




Willoughby loves Irises; and here they come!






Wayne planted GARLIC last week - Look at those shoots coming up! He's so proud!


...Stay tuned throughout the season, as the Woolivers continue their gardening adventures!

Please note, the availability of the monkeys in our stories may vary.