The North Woods Family



The North Woods Family lives in a little cabin on the shores of Lake Wilderness, in the middle of the big, big woods.




They love to go on long bike rides...



and canoe trips.



They hang around on the line after swimming.


Sometimes they pack a picnic and take a day trip to Lake Superior, which is the biggest fresh-water lake in the world! Here is Watermelon, contemplating nature on the shores of the big lake. The Iroqois name for Lake Superior is Gitche Goomee, which means big water.





Madison is a little obsessive, and likes to have things organized. She loves to make lists, boss the other monkeys around, and put the house in order. Here she is collating her extensive album collection!



She consults her best buddy Pearl to help her look into the future.



They also mess about in the garden, just for fun...






and enjoy an occasional swing.



Little Bear is relaxed and happy, sincere and lazy. He promised to help Maddie clean the house today, but first, time for a mid-day snooze!



His best pal, Auggie is too busy at climbing practice to worry about any old mess!



But the best climber is Blueberry!

He climbs everything - walls, doors, the chimney at the cabin, and rock walls at the big lake





Sven loves to climb, too. He might be clumsy, but he sure talks like he's the Big Monkey On Campus. Here he tests his theories on gravity. Olie is Sven's little brother, and would follow him to the ends of the earth. He thinks Sven makes the sun shine.






Olie took a picture of our three best climbers, Blueberry, Auggie, and Sven.





Olie also loves to swim, even when the water's FREEZING!

Here he tries to convince Marzipan that the water's fine; just don't step on the ice cubes!




Marzipan recovers from her brief dip in that cold, cold water by refueling on sweets. Sometimes she can creep into the larder when none of the other monkeys are looking, and hang with her Peeps.

Popple prefers spicy foods. Here he is sneaking up on some unsuspecting peppers




Brown is a horticulturist, and especially loves carnations!





Pumping water is the biggest chore around the cabin. It takes so many monkeys to get even one pailful out of the ground!




They've asked Spruce to install the indoor plumbing, because he's so handy! He already did the wiring for the cabin, but they keep blowing fuses...Maybe we don't need this wire.





Sometimes, Olie can convince Madison to forget her chores, and remember why they love their little cabin in the woods....

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