History of the Sock Monkey

The sock monkey is a powerful symbol of ingenuity, embodying the “work with what you’ve got” ethic. Inventive mothers had already been making sock dolls for their kids when the Nelson Knitting Company of Rockford Illinois added the red heel to its machine-made, seamless work sock in 1932; thereby inadvertently spawning the classic red-lipped, red-bootied sock monkey. You can download their pattern for free here. Check this out for more on the history and current madness of the sock monkey! 

Jan has been handmaking these creatures since 2004 using her own pattern.

About Jan

As a sculptor, Jan is fascinated by the imaginary line between art object and plaything. Each of her animals is lovingly created as both a soft-sculpture and a toy, equally at home in your curio cabinet and in your child’s arms. Her approach to the sock monkey - an icon of the inventive American spirit - is to re-create it for a new generation, as living folk-art and an invitation to play.

Jan hand-makes each creature using her own pattern, from carefully chosen socks in bright colors and beautiful designs.
She uses locally sourced materials, in an effort to support American businesses and lessen our carbon footprint.

Return Policy

I stand behind the excellent quality and fine craftsmanship of my products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the product to me for repair or refund. Please contact me for details.

Jan with Loki

Jan with Loki