Vince w_flag.jpg





Here is Vince, the leader of the pack. He makes all the gang's big decisions, like which kind of cookies to eat and when to set up camp under the couch.


Zack is the family's dissenter! He likes to rally protests against The Monkey (aka Vince)...
Good thing he doesn't have opposable thumbs...or matches...




Lexi has a massive brain, and an even more massive vocabulary. She loves to solve problems! If she could ever stop cogitating, she might notice what a big crush Eugene has on her!

Eugene sewing.jpg






Here he is making Lexi a new pair of socks...Eugene is the family's handymonkey. He can make or fix anything


Rocket is a body-builder, and all-around athlete. He once competed for the title of Mr. Universe but was disqualified on species' grounds. Rocket is Vince's strongmonkey and bodyguard. He also organizes fun games for the family when they get too rowdy.


The triplets, Sheena, Rick and Fabien, get into terrible mischief! They climb all over the house, spilling the sugarbowl and pulling the cat's tail.

Sheena is a punk-rocker. Rick is a mystic, and says everything meant to be has already happened, so don't blame HIM if the sugar is all over the floor. Fabien is too busy giggling to worry about it!


August and May, those cuties, do their best to stay out of the triplet's path of desruction and mayhem! They like quiet games, like tea-parties in their hidey-hole.



Calypso? He couldn't care less! He can't hear the ruckus anyway, the volume on his iPod is turned up to 11! But if you need a dance partner, he's your monkey!



Pascal is the only monkey who can calm those triplets down because he is a brilliant portrait painter...


and they are all big hams!